Ecological Silviculture

Joshua Puhlick


Joshua J. Puhlick, Ph.D.


In September 2021, Josh joined the Jones Center as a silviculturist and plans to build on a long tradition of research on ecological forestry at the Center. He received his M.S. (2011) in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and his Ph.D. (2015) in Forest Resources from the University of Maine. Josh’s research at NAU focused on factors influencing ponderosa pine regeneration in the southwestern USA. At the University of Maine, his research included comparing carbon stocks and accumulation among different forest management treatments.

R. Scott Taylor, M.S.

Senior Research Associate II

Scott is a Senior Research Associate II in the Silviculture Lab. He also serves as a liaison with NEON and maintains supervisory responsibilities for the Center’s Laboratory facilities. Scott’s research interests have included nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems and the use of eddy covariance techniques to understand how disturbance and soil moisture interact to regulate carbon dynamics. In September 2021, Scott transitioned to managing a new lab at the Jones Center with Dr. Joshua Puhlick with a focus on Ecological Silviculture. Scott holds a B.S. in Agronomy and Soils (2000) and an M.S. in Crop Physiology (2002) from Auburn University.

João Campôa

Ph.D. Graduate Student

João is a Fulbright Scholar investigating the impact of abiotic and biotic disturbances in pine forests. As part of his work, he is collecting tree cores at Ichauway and in New Jersey. João is a Ph.D. fellow in the Environment and Sustainability program at NOVA School of Science and Technology in Portugal.

Ian Goldberg

M.S. Graduate Student

Ian started his studies at the University of Missouri in September 2022. He conducted fieldwork at Ichauway from January to August 2023. His research focus is on silvicultural strategies for promoting longleaf pine recruitment in multi-aged stands. 

Gabriel Nyen

M.S. Graduate Student

Gabe started his studies at Mississippi State University in September 2022. He measured overstory tree attributes, inventoried longleaf pine regeneration, and clipped groundcover plants from sampling frames at Ichauway during the summer of 2023. His research focuses on silvicultural strategies for converting longleaf pine plantations to multi-aged longleaf pine stands.

JaBryan Pegues

M.S. Graduate Student

JaBryan started his studies at Mississippi State University in September 2023. His research involves quantifying site quality of longleaf pine plantations. He will also determine the growth efficiency of trees within those same plantations.

Alisen Chapman

Seasonal Technician

Alisen is an undergraduate student attending the University of Missouri. She started work at Ichauway during May 2023.

Gianna Leone

M.S. Graduate Student

Gianna is coming from Salem State University, Salem, MA. She started work at Ichauway during June 2023 as a seasonal technician. In January 2024, she will begin graduate studies at Alabama A&M University. Her research will involve comparing tree regeneration among different selection systems using data collected on the Ecological Forestry Plots at Ichauway. She will also investigate growth and mortality of reserve trees within the group selection with reserves.

Jacob Mobley

Seasonal Technician

Jacob joined the lab in January 2022. He has a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Washington. Jacob has experience working in multiple ecosystems including forests of Puerto Rico and the Pacific Northwest.

Avery Holbrook

Seasonal Technician

Avery joined the lab in August 2022. He is coming from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Avery is also taking online courses through Mississippi State University.

Graham Edwards

Seasonal Technician

Graham joined the lab in September 2022. He is coming from F&W Forestry Services, Albany, GA and The University of the South, Sewanee, TN.

Victoria Cassidy

Seasonal Technician

Victoria started back with our lab in November 2023. She has work in both the ecological silviculture and entomology labs.

Gus Gabriel

Seasonal Technician

Gus started with our lab in December 2023.

Sarah Turcic

Seasonal Technician

Sarah started with our lab in January 2024.

Ben Campbell

Seasonal Technician

Ben started with our lab in March 2024.

Ally Horn

Seasonal Technician

Ally started with our lab in April 2024.

Joshua Goldsmith

Student Field Worker Assistant 4

Josh works at the University of Maine on strategies for controlling American beech in stands with beech bark disease. He plans to complete his B.S. Forestry at the University of Maine, Orono, as well as, an Advanced GIS Applications Certificate at the University of Maine, Machias in May 2022. He is also pursuing an internship with Seven Islands Land Company through their Applied Forest Technologies program. His senior capstone project on silvicultural strategies for controlling American beech is co-advised by Dr. Joshua Puhlick.

Stephen W. Golladay, Ph.D.


Dr. Golladay’s interests include the ecology of streams and wetlands, the impact of human land use on water quality and aquatic invertebrates, and the impact of variation in hydrology on ecological processes and aquatic communities Recently, he has developed an interest in the ecology and conservation of rare and endangered freshwater mussel species.

Dr. Golladay has served as a technical advisor to the Sand County Foundation, Georgia EPD, DNR and Water Management districts in Florida. He has developed training activities for resource professionals in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Dr. Golladay also has assisted in the development of programs to enhance the
natural resource awareness of regional educators in cooperation with regional Georgia Youth Science and Technology.