Aquatic Sciences

Nicholas S. Marzolf, Ph.D.

Aquatic Sciences

The Aquatic Sciences Lab studies the freshwater ecosystems of the SE Coastal Plain, including streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs. Our approach is rooted in ecosystem ecology, understanding how these ecosystems transform, store, and transport material and explore the interaction of ecosystem processes with human demands on water resources, from direct effects to symptoms of global climate change. Our methods are diverse, spanning field and lab manipulative experiments, in situ sensor development and collection, biological surveys, and ecosystem models, and strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in our data collection. Our efforts span individual site assessments to large watersheds to the effects of global change on ecological processes, under the umbrella of understanding the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems.


2020 ESA Annual Meeting

Tune-in to our presentations at the virtual Ecological Society Annual meeting: What has the greatest effect on sap-flow: a prescribed fire, a hurricane, or a solar

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