Steven T. Brantley, Ph.D.


We study how water moves through, and interacts with, ecosystems. Our research addresses this goal through two complementary questions: 1) how does terrestrial ecosystem structure and function affect water yield, and 2) how does water availability affect ecosystem structure and function? To answer these questions, we take an interdisciplinary approach and have interests in plant physiology, ecosystem ecology, soil science, and hydrogeology. We work across scales from direct measurement of plant abundance to watershed-level modeling. Internal collaborators include aquatic biologists and forest ecologists; and we partner with experts from academia, government agencies, and private organizations. Lastly, our outreach efforts focus on both small and large forest landowners, natural resource managers, and other stakeholders interested in the benefits of longleaf pine for ecosystem services.

2020 ESA Annual Meeting

Tune-in to our presentations at the virtual Ecological Society Annual meeting: What has the greatest effect on sap-flow: a prescribed fire, a hurricane, or a solar

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