PBS features Landscape Ecology Lab’s tree winching research

Chuck visits the Jones Center at Ichauway and chats with Director Dr. Kier Klepzig about their work on the 30,000-acre property. They join Dr. Jeff Cannon in the field and help him with a bit of hands-on research into how much hurricane wind force it takes to fell a longleaf pine.

New study: Longleaf pine resilience after Hurricane Michael

A new study led by University of Florida and Landscape Ecology lab alumnus Cody Pope was published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management. The study examined growth of longleaf pine and associated oak saplings for 2 years after hurricane Michael, and found that canopy removal may benefit longleaf pine over competing oak species, indicating that hurricanes may reinforce and stabilize longleaf pine dominace in frequent-fire forests.

New study: Measuring complex forests with airborne lidar

A recent study from the Landscape Ecology lab led by Andy Whelan explores a new approach to improve large-scale measurements of forest structure using lidar. The study explored the use of “volumetric pixels” (or voxels) which have shown promise for forest measurement. The technique led to accurate estimates of wood volume, even when forest composition was unknown.

Plant Ecology Lab participates in frosted elfin translocation

Frosted elfin dorm over translocated caterpillar

Frosted elfin butterflies are thought to be extirpated in Georgia. The Jones Center and Tall Timbers are working together to establish a sustainable population of this species at Ichauway. We moved 30 caterpillars from the Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee, FL to Ichauway in April 2022. We also plan to release 30 adult butterflies in […]

Video: Plant Diversity and Wetlands

Scouting for rare wetland plants

Longleaf pine ecosystems feature some of the highest levels of biological diversity outside of the tropics. Most of this diversity is found in the herbaceous understory of longleaf woodlands and their associated wetlands. Join plant ecologist Lisa Giencke for a look at the importance of these wetlands to rare plants.

Banking Rare Seeds for a Wild Future – GPB News

Georgia Public Broadcasting was along the day we serendipitously collected the first seed banked as part of a grant awarded to safeguard 14 imperiled plant species through a partnership led by Wildlife Resources Division – Georgia DNR. Listen along as GPB documents the discovery.

Wild Pig Project

Wild pigs cause approximately 150 million dollars of damage annually in Georgia and they are well established in the state and throughout the Southeast. Unfortunately, wild pig populations are expanding.  Wild pigs have an amazing reproductive capacity: sows start breeding at a young age, breed often, and have large litters. These characteristics lend themselves to […]

UGA Odum School, Environmental Problem Solving

Steve Golladay was a virtual instructor for the UGA Odum School, Environmental Problem Solving, Maymester Class. He led an interactive session with the class examining water scarcity in the lower Flint River Basin. May 28, 2020.