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Lisa Giencke


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The Ichauway Seed Bank: Prioritizing Species for Future Seed Collections

Poster presented at the Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation Conference, March 2020

Does provenance matter? Assessing ecotypal variation to promote restoration success

Poster presented at the Ecological Society of America, August 2014

Time lapse video of frequent fire in longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem

Time lapse video of 12 years of fire suppression in longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem

Banking Rare Seeds for a Wild Future - GPB News
Georgia Public Broadcasting was along the day we serendipitously collected the first seed banked as part of a grant awarded to safeguard 14 imperiled plant species through a partnership led by Wildlife Resources Division – Georgia DNR. Listen along as GPB documents the discovery.

Longleaf pine ecosystems feature some of the highest levels of biological diversity outside of the tropics. Most of this diversity is found in the herbaceous understory of longleaf woodlands and their associated wetlands. Join plant ecologist Lisa Giencke for a look at the importance of these wetlands to rare plants.